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GETLOW® is a beat-driven low impact workout designed to ignite your mind, move your body & improve your wellbeing. This 45 minute full body workout uses boxing, dance, dumbbells, light cardio & seriously good music to transform your mind & body.


Who is getlow for?

Over 50?

It's time to boom boom & shake the room. Baby boomers were the first generation to embrace healthy living & they put the term "aerobics" on the map. Getlow gives baby boomers the opportunity to keep moving, socialising & shaking that booty well into their 60s, 70s & beyond. The focus for Boomers is not about intensity, but living longer & stronger with vitality & passion. Researchers found that Baby boomers who regularly exercise saw both physical and cognitive benefits that included improved heart health, attention and increased cognitive speed.

Pre & Post Natal

Safe, low intensity exercise before, during and after pregnancy can be extremely beneficial both mentally and physically for Mummas. Getlow gives you the opportunity to listen to your own body, take your time and do what feels best for mum & bub. Caution: Do expect a rush of feel good endorphins to flood your mind & body as the sounds of Madonna & Cindy Lauper get your baby singing. Please ensure you see your Doctor AND Obestrician before attending any Jungle Body program as each pregnancy is unique.

Generation X

You might be getting older, but that doesn't mean you have to slow down. Yet, your body might think otherwise, sending you messages in the forms of aches and pains that you have never had before. The answer? Rethink the way you move. Getlow has just the right amount of joint-friendly moves, mood-lifting music and a side of weights to maintain muscle mass. The result: An all-in-one + anti-aging + damn good time class with no experience necessary!


Being injured, impaired or suffering with mobility issues does not always have to stop you from getting "low" with us. Getlow is designed to be inclusive, flexible and welcoming to those who need to adapt movements. Please speak with your Doctor before attending any class and reach out to your Getlow instructor to see whether the class will be suitable for you. If you require any further information about the suitability of getlow for your injury, impairment or mobility issue – please contact us.


If your Doctor has approved you to have an active recovery or rehabilitation, Getlow may be the right fit for you. Rehabilitation exercise aims to bring back full function following injury through restoring muscle strength, endurance, power, and improving flexibility. Getlow is a great way of beginning your recovery through low impact, joint-friendly, low intensity and balanced movement. Please ensure you speak to your Doctor or Physio before attending Getlow to see if it suitable for you.


Ok, so we know that some people do have two left feet. If you are that person who can't keep up with group fitness classes, no matter how hard you try…Getlow may be for you! Our movements are simplistic, not too fast, not too intense & not too fancy. We infuse some dance elements into the workout, but there is no coordination needed, musicality doesn't matter and if you want to go left when everyone goes right – we have your back! We also know that the more you take part in Getlow the better your coordination, musicality & fitness level will be!

What is GETLOW?
Who can do GETLOW?

“getlow is suitable for people where pushing tyres, doing burpees & twerking like beyonce might not be the best fit. Its low impact but with big results”

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We are growing

Could you be the next GETLOW instructor? We are on the hunt for energetic, positive movers & groovers to join our team! Work for yourself, a gym, church hall, community centre, retirement home - the opportunities are endless. We provide you with all the resources and support so you can do what you love!